Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Having a horrid day. It's pouring. It's been raining for days. And I've dealt. But I'm done dealing. I just want to run away. I just want to crawl out of my skin. Like seriously rip it off and LEAVE it behind.  I'm feeling a bit hormonal, truth be told.

I need some perspective on my life. Because the monotony of parenting toddlers the GOYBness and the constant interruption to the most asinine and yet important task. Oh and speaking of asinine: the questions!! The 1971093780 questions within every hour. The constant talking. The overbearing aura that reeks "I am the center of the universe". The constant THERE ness of these beautiful (yes, I can still appreciate it even in my ugly mood) little people.

The combination of it all is driving me INSANE...

It's been a bad day. A hormonal "I've been too stressed out trying to sort through every thing" kind of day. Little bodies won't stop needing to be NEAR me, on me...Cold clammy feet, sticky hands...rubbing....near, there.

I'm DONE. I hate coming off a 3 day weekend. It makes me crazy.

I need 5 minutes with out being asked for food. Or for some thing to do. Or for help wiping a bum. Or a complaint about some thing the other did. Or  for ME.

And that is all.

And the great news?

It's supposed to pour all week!!!


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  1. Many hugs to you, and hopes for a better day today! <3


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