Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We moved.

And it's been incredible. I love our new home. It's bright and spacious. It's perfect. For the first time in my journey of motherhood, I am alone. When I am home with my kids: I'm the only one. We've lived with family since I was pregnant with Roo nearly 4 years. A very long, stretching and I'm-so-very-glad-for-that-growing 4 years. I'm so very glad to be moving into this new phase.

My favorite things.

1) My own room...Erm, Well I share it with Hubby.
I love co-sleeping. I wouldn't trade the years I have (and will) spent snuggling my babies at night. But I LOVE having a bedroom to myself in the evening. Friendly still ends up in bed with me for some of the night. And I enjoy those hours of snuggling. But crawling between my own sheets in the evening, and reading before drifting off. Such a treat after 3 years of not being able to do that!

2) My kitchen counter. There is a safe spot away from any heat or hazards. The girls love to sit up there and visit with me while I cook. I love the coziness of it, the extra time I get with them. I love not feeling stressed because they aren't under foot or clinging to me, they are just happy to be.

3) My laundry room. It's right outside my bedroom, I don't even need to use a hamper, I just throw dirty laundry directly into the washer and when it gets full I run a load!

4) the fact that my apartment is South/East facing...We get the sunrise in the morning, I love the morning sunshine. It reminds me (and hubby is going to tease me for mentioning this) of my Grandmother's condo. her condo was east facing and I always woke up early at her place. She had a giant patio window (like we do) and a large balcony, it was fun to go out there and watch the sunrise.

5)I just love having my own home. I love that messes I make and clean up: stay cleaned up. So rewarding, so pleasant. I hope it stays that way.

Here's a video tour of our new home.

We've set up our bedroom since this was taken on Sunday, we've had 3 nights in this new set up and it's been incredible. I nurse Friendly down at her first waking, and her second waking I bring her to bed with me. There is a twin bed in the girls room for hubby if Roo needs him...But last night she slept through the entire night for the first time in a while...Didn't need him at all!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Living a Fairy Tale

Doesn't some thing about this scream fairy tale?

That's just the dirty laundry I was behind on.

Doesn't this look like where the 7 dwarfs live? I half expect it is very realistic fairy tale dwarf set up.
And here is what it looks like after Snow White cleans up, puts 4 loads of laundry away while and 2 little dwarfs spread rice chex all over the trampoline. But hey, Snow White got it done!

This is a very new arrangement in our (only) bedroom. We'll be moving out in a few weeks (wheeee!) but until then (and hopefully after too) this is our arrangement. Roo (age 3) after a years absence rejoined the family bed yesterday. After several weeks of waking up terrified and having her Daddy sleep most of every night with her. We decided this was the best move for every one. I've been reading Your Three Year Old: Friend or Enemy and one of the things that they talk about is an insecure, emotional, anxious and fearful stage in the 4th year. Boy, have we hit it hard. I am SO thankful for those books! The your "One Year Old" book was a huge comfort to me, as 18mos we did indeed hit that horrid clingy, loud, whiney, tantrummy stage they said we would. And 2 was surprsingly delightful. 2.5 had it's challenges, but I enjoyed last year: Roo was fairly easy apart from being, 2 and the immaturity that brings. . 3 is turning out to be interesting...And we're hitting 18mos with friendly and BOY, I think it's even more intense this time around. The pre-verbal tantrums= draining!

So I'm living the fairy tale...The comical piles of laundry, the giant cartoonesque bed. And my prince charming who faithfully snuggled our baby...erm 3 year old, week after week to help her feel safe. He has carried his load of sleep deprivation, even while having shingles!

Now thanks to all that snuggling -on to family (well the kiddos) chicken pox? We shall see.