Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We moved.

And it's been incredible. I love our new home. It's bright and spacious. It's perfect. For the first time in my journey of motherhood, I am alone. When I am home with my kids: I'm the only one. We've lived with family since I was pregnant with Roo nearly 4 years. A very long, stretching and I'm-so-very-glad-for-that-growing 4 years. I'm so very glad to be moving into this new phase.

My favorite things.

1) My own room...Erm, Well I share it with Hubby.
I love co-sleeping. I wouldn't trade the years I have (and will) spent snuggling my babies at night. But I LOVE having a bedroom to myself in the evening. Friendly still ends up in bed with me for some of the night. And I enjoy those hours of snuggling. But crawling between my own sheets in the evening, and reading before drifting off. Such a treat after 3 years of not being able to do that!

2) My kitchen counter. There is a safe spot away from any heat or hazards. The girls love to sit up there and visit with me while I cook. I love the coziness of it, the extra time I get with them. I love not feeling stressed because they aren't under foot or clinging to me, they are just happy to be.

3) My laundry room. It's right outside my bedroom, I don't even need to use a hamper, I just throw dirty laundry directly into the washer and when it gets full I run a load!

4) the fact that my apartment is South/East facing...We get the sunrise in the morning, I love the morning sunshine. It reminds me (and hubby is going to tease me for mentioning this) of my Grandmother's condo. her condo was east facing and I always woke up early at her place. She had a giant patio window (like we do) and a large balcony, it was fun to go out there and watch the sunrise.

5)I just love having my own home. I love that messes I make and clean up: stay cleaned up. So rewarding, so pleasant. I hope it stays that way.

Here's a video tour of our new home.

We've set up our bedroom since this was taken on Sunday, we've had 3 nights in this new set up and it's been incredible. I nurse Friendly down at her first waking, and her second waking I bring her to bed with me. There is a twin bed in the girls room for hubby if Roo needs him...But last night she slept through the entire night for the first time in a while...Didn't need him at all!

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