Why This Blog?

 I get a leetle intense some times. This blog isn't really for readers, though it's nice to think some one is reading and going "yeah I've been there, I've thought that!". This blog is for me.

 I'm a new Mom. I use this as my place to come process- to say how I really feel about things so I can mellow out and chill a bit in other venues (erm, facebook). I share the uncensored-not mellowed thoughts here so I can be less intense everywhere else. This is just a point of view out of many. Some of it is just things I feel are very important to my family. We don't have to agree. 
That said, this is a very personal blog. When and if I sound "preachy" it's not because I think it's the only way to do things- or because I'm some expert on the subject. But because I'm internalizing how *I* feel I need to do things for *MY* kids.. .And okay, I'll be honest, yeah some times I do feel like it's the best way out there for all people. But I won't rub your face in it if you disagree. :0).

I have a very very sensitive, sweet and salty preschooler. I have a very intense and determined toddler-she definitely thinks she's as big as her sister! I've seen how easily my oldests' personality type (deeply sensitive) can be deeply wounded. I've lived closely to the people who have been wounded. I've been through much family drama.
This blog is part of my journey in figuring out how I need to parent and protect my children! Some of it might make me sound like I'm kind of out there- or some kind of hippie...Ah, well maybe I am.
 But it's all about the journey, and this blog is it.