Gluten Free Recipes

Our family, for health reasons) strives to eat Gluten Free...I thought I'd share some of my original recipes.

Mexican Surprise Casserole
This is a great leftovers "use it up" recipe
1-3cups cooked rice (whatever you have leftover from another meal)
1 can refried beans
at least 1 cup of sour cream
kidney beans (however many you like- if you like kidney beans a lot add a big can, not so much? use a smaller one)
1-2 cups corn
1 cup of salsa
1/4lb of sliced chicken or beef (optional)
1 onion chopped
taco seasoning

Before you start the casserole: Brown meat with taco seasoning if you do it with enough seasoning for 1lb and the water you'll have leftover sauce...Keep it in the pan...Scoop out meat into casserole when you get to that layer...Throw onion into leftover seasoning and fry it until it's good and caramelized.

1.Spray casserole dish with cooking spray.
2. Spread rice evenly across bottom of dish
3. add 1/2 of the kidney beans
4. spread refried beans over it
5. spread sour cream over that
6. spread salsa over that
7. add meat (meat is optional)
8. another layer of kidney beans
9.Add the corn (can be frozen)
10. Then the caramelized onions...
Pop it all in the oven for 15-20 min @ 400 degrees

Optional serving it over a bed of tortilla chips.

More to come!