Friday, January 20, 2012

Birth Art

 I have been reading through Birthing From Within ...It's really good, very confirming that a lot of the work I've been doing this pregnancy (just purely on an instinctual/ as Jesus seems to nudge level)...Before I read her explanations of the birth art "assignments" I went ahead and did my own. It was very interesting to read- after the fact- that some of my pictures resonate with other common themes in these kinds of drawings.

This one is called "Pregnant Woman" - how do you see your self when pregnant?
 I drew a tree trunk with my body deep inside this tall ancient deep tree...My legs and my opening are deeply rooted and firm. I am inside the tree. I feel very safe and strong and rooted, supported and ready for the birth ahead.. I also feel very closed into myself. I have closed up my little world and dug in deep. Hiding. Waiting. The colors in my abdomen represent my womb: strong and powerful full of life and hope. My breasts are full and ready...The blue also representing life-giving and nourishment.

The next picture you were supposed to draw how you feel pregnant. I just did this..No real thought, and it was very eye opening.
Pregnancy Journey:
 The circle on the bottom left with the small red heart in it represents me in early pregnancy. I didn't realize this at the time but I put 10 big curves in this pathway: 10 months of gestation. The color isn't very good in this picture- so you'll have to take my word for it. But the first 2 curves have a grey film/fog over them..Those represent the fog I felt, the grief from losing our baby in March... And the fog I feel over life in that time due to morning sickness. the reds and oranges represent frustration, anger, the purple represents power and growth, the black grief, and despair...Worry that the journey will end...And at other points in the path- worry that it won't end (especially after the last bend). The yellow represents hope and constant change...The blue nourishment and life. Eventually at the end (like now) Newby fills me, I feel so full of her/him and that is effecting and pushing every thing outwards- changing life from inside out. And then the promise: the black line. This journey ends and 2 paths continue. Birth. Life moves forward

Labor and Birth:

When I think about giving birth I think of quiet....dark... only dim lights. I drew a mother on her hands and knees her womb and breasts are blue: are healthy and full...the purple and red in the womb represent strength and power...The yellow: her baby's life...the red heart, her baby's soul. There is a line attaching our hearts...I made her hair yellow and purple and brown: life, hope, power, grounded...A smile of joy on her face. Her eyes are closed waiting. She is on her knees in surrender. She is surrounded by warmth and power and the work only she can do...But there are life lines going to her heart. The 2 red hearts in the "lights" above her represent the children she already has, connected to hear heart... They are connected to an empty light waiting for the baby to join them on the outside. The 2 green hearts and lines connected to her head (and I would say her soul: :mind, will, emotions) are her birth team. Green represents truth and wisdom:  they speak truth and wisdom to her. She feels safe and protected with their voices blessing her head.

The large glow in front of her with the largest heart represents her partner..He has the strongest line to her heart - it crosses the gap the strongest. But even so there is a line that he can't cross. The colors surrounding her represent the warmth, the work and the Holy Spirit...But she alone is the only one who can do this... Alone in her safe place, waiting ...surrendered. Open and willing.


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  1. Thanks for sharing your art!! I'm pregnant right now (also an INFJ) so I especially connect with the first picture. If you're interested, please submit some art for potential publication in the digital magazine I coedit: details at The upcoming theme is "new" so I think some of this type of art would be perfect!


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