Monday, January 23, 2012

41 weeks...

You now what? Going past my guess date- going a whole week past my guess date-isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Does it suck? Oh yeah...But mainly that's been because of the wicked cold I caught in my 41st week. Having a cold when pregnant is bad. Having it past your guess date? Freaking awful. Having 2 sickie cranky preschooler/toddlers all day alone, while sick, dealing with prodromal labor and so very pregnant? Freaking HELL.

Last week was up there on my list of "worst weeks ever" : It hasn't been the farewell time to this pregnancy that I hoped for...Not relaxing or pleasant at all. That said, I can't imagine how much more miserable this time would be if I hadn't keep so fit and healthy this pregnancy...I've eaten really well...I've listened to my body and heart the last few months... I've continued to run/walk/jog/dance daily through my entire pregnancy and I think if I hadn't stayed limber and strong (I can still touch the floor almost flat handed with out bending my legs- whoa!): this would have been the most miserable experience of my entire life.

As it is, I still think I was more miserable at 38 weeks with Friendly than I am at 41 with Newby.'s a toss up- I'm pretty miserable.

And I'm really ready. Like- get this child out of me NOW I'm losing my MIND! ready.

I'm 4-5cm and very effaced, Newby is well applied, and engaged at 0 station (oh yeah)...I started having bloody show on Saturday...and had more yesterday... I'm contracting and they are getting increasingly stronger.

And yet I wait.

Okay, actually I changed my mind ...I am way way more miserable than I was with Friendly. The emotional roller coaster of the last few weeks is wearing on me...Add preggo hormones, getting over a cold, dealing with littles who have been in limbo for over a month (make that WELL over a month)... Yeah this has been hard. I'm ready. I'm done. I'm ready.

Today I try some thing I never thought I would: acupuncture.

Newby, I love you - I like having you in there (really, I love it- I still am not tired of feeling your wiggles- even the painful ones!) ...But time to come out! Mama is desperate to hold you, see you, feel you, snuggle you...I promise we're not as crazy as we sound- and I know you'll fit right in!!!


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