Who Am I?

I'm Hannah Joy...Mommie to my sweet girls:
 Roo Girl (born 12/07) Her real name means Valiant. And she's my Roo Girl because she's the bounciest little thing. She also loves "Roo" from the Winnie the Pooh stories. And she reminds me a lot of him. She has taught me so much about life. I wish I could sum up every thing in words. But I've learned, am learning, what bravery is. Being a Mom takes guts. It takes finding a voice you didn't know you owned. Learning and knowing your child. And being their advocate in a world that says it knows better. You are the Mama...take charge.
But beyond that Roo IS valiant, she just may give me grey hair before my time. :0)

Friendly (born 8/09) Her actual name means friendship- My husband and I have been friends since we were 4 we thought it was a neat way to honor that.  But on top of that she IS the friendliest little person I have ever met. We were at the park the other week and she was "talking" with an elderly couple, climbed up right in between them and on their laps...Chattering away. I pray her instincts are good, and won't be letting her out of my sight any time soon!

NEWBY due to join our family when the snow falls...Another winter baby. Gender, unknown... Another little Joy perhaps??

An Important Fact: I share my middle name with my daughters. And because of that I get a lot of: "What's with the Joys??"
Well first off, what better than to have the word JOY in your name? People hear your name and immediately (hopefully!) have a happy connection with it: JOY!!!!!

But more importantly, it's my way to honor my Dad who passed away in 2006. I was going to be named Hannah Rose but my Dad said no- "Hannah JOY!", and so I, a Christmas baby, was. I can't count how many times my Dad told me growing up (usually after laughing at some thing dumb/silly I'd said) "Hannah JOY, we named you right!" 

After he died I wanted a way to honor him- but we keep having girls and "Jeffrey" isn't really a name you can incorporate into a girls name (at least that I could live with). So we passed on my middle name to my daughters...In memory of my Dad. 

This blog is my processing place, I think you'll get a good idea of who I am...