Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Favorite Past-Times

Roo's favorite past-time would probably be:

Jumping off the couch
Friendly's... Making messes and
 &<span class=cleaning them up
It was really cute. She was having so much fun ripping apart a foam egg carton. When she was finished I asked her if she could pick up all the pieces and throw them away...And she did! She loves to be a helper. She revels in being busy and having special tasks to do.

I asked "Are you tired Friendly?" She said, "NOPE!" But she laid there for a good 5 minutes (an eternity for 19mos!) She went to bed about 15minutes later.
"Sensory Play" Beans and Rice, on a tarp in the dining room.
A favorite activity

Roo playing with blocks, another favorite activity. She has such an engineering little mind.
The girls "watering" the baby seeds. Friendly calls them "babies" and I'm hoping I can keep her interest and love at bay from my poor plants.

Friendly got a new big girl bed! Some one from church gave us a new full sized bed. Don't let the expression (above) confuse you...
She really was excited!! :)

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