Saturday, March 26, 2011

Around The Home

Ryan's characters of our family...Why he made Friendly's head so big I'll never understand. Oh and it's with the "bath markers" on the shower wall. The girls like his drawings during their bath the best.
Okay so it feels like all these are pics of Friendly. But that's mostly because Roo hasn't wanted her picture taken... Or she makes grotesque faces. Gotta love being 3. :)
Coming in the house, the patio is a favorite place on nice days.
So Friendly dressed herself...a turtle neck and sundress (that had leggings but she took them off) I put on her... She added the pink shirt and towel bib.
See what I mean? Roo in the tent I made them.
Friendly playing in the tent...
We have a play tent (ladybug tent) but I guess home made ones are just better... They found this tarp in the laundry room and asked me to make some thing with it...Here it is! :)
Friendly eating a banana "with the handle" as Roo says.
Friendly wearing her big sisters underwear...On top of the clothes!
Roo's drawing of "Max" (the bunny) he's holding a balloon. SHE LOVES the magnadoodle best thing we've ever gotten and saves us on paper!

More soon!

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