Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ducks, Puddles, Walks, and Fishies Oh My!

Trying to catch up on life! This was from a walk we took a few weeks ago on a WONDERFUL spring day. We had so much fun being OUTSIDE!
Friendly got filthy playing in this puddle, this was actually at the end of the walk: she didn't mind!
I love this time of year, it isn't really pretty but you can feel winter ending and it is such a relief!
The view from "the statue". This is my favorite place in the world (not the statue but the park ;) )
Back at the duck pond (these pics are a little out of order) The girls were so happy to see their friends, the ducks! I think the ducks were happy to see us too.
Two little girls, very much impressed with "the big puddle". They were so sweet carefully following my instructions to be "very careful and not go in it, we're not wearing rainboots!"
"painting" with pine tree branches.

Sitting on the bridge looking at the creek... This would have been a much cuter picture if I was a little further away, but I wasn't going to leave them sitting alone!

Friendly preferred to ride in the stroller. So funny how quickly they change, a few months ago she HATED riding.
Roo pretending to "lead the donkey" she pretends she's Joseph from her "baby Jesus" (nativity) movie. She replayed the whole trip to Bethlehem for me. :)
At the Fish Hatchery on a Chilly morning in late February
We haven't been back since last year when Friendly was just a baby. This year she was SO all over feeding those fishies. They had a blast, despite the chilly morning!
A family walk in late February. Friendly and Mommie sharing a little joke.
And this, we were all grinning at the camera...And then they noticed a stone on the ground. Story of my life. :)

More to come soon!

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