Friday, April 1, 2011

10 Rainy Day Activities

Things get ugly when Mama is sick. Thankfully (?) it's been rainy and cold this week...Which means, it's time to get creative.

I have a head cold. The kind that make you want to curl up in a ball down a dose of Nyquil and sleep the days away until you feel better.

But instead I'm parenting from the couch. Curled up with the TV on (we're watching Babies right now, girls favorite movie for 6months running...That's saying some thing!), tea in hand and mound of tissues at my side.

I hate colds.

So I was thinking about what is in my arsenal for "survival mode"...And I thought I'd share.

1) TV, but the trick is not to over-use it. Turn it off and be concentrated about watching it, using it. And then turn it off for a few hours until you need another break.

Friendly trying out the new "sit and spin" I got for $1 at the sale this morning.

2) "new" toys. Today I lucked out at the local $1 sale (at a children's consignment shop) and got Roo a new bicycle, a sit and spin, and another baby stroller (yaay! I was tired of having to lock it up because they wouldn't take turns!)...The girls are very happy with their new toys and are having so much fun. But I also have a tub stored away full of toys that we just don't need out. I can pull that out when I need to keep them distracted, switch it up a bit.

*Also with that make sure that you don't have TOO many toys out. I try to limit the bins allowed open to ONE at a time, it really cuts down on the crazies and tantrums and just boredom. It's not as much fun to play with clutter about.

3) bath time: sitting in the warm steamy room helps every one out, burns at least 30 if not 45 minutes and every one is happy (as long as no one is washing their hair).

4) make a tent...We have a kiddie tent- or you can make your own with some chairs and blankets (or like below: a tarp!). It's a low energy way to hang out with the kids with out having to actively play...I can curl up by the tent and we can look at books and rest. That lasts a few minutes off and on during the day.
make a tent!

5)when it doubt pull out some crayons and butchers paper.

6) Beans and rice. Not to eat, but pull out a tarp or a sheet and let them at it. With random spoons, cups, and containers this could seriously burn up a LOT of time. My suggestion is to use beans OR rice...Together it just gets messier and it doesn't give them that "organized" feel, which toddlers crave.

beans and!

7) Set up the stroller...Put the break on and supervise. But the girls love just sitting in the stroller, I don't claim to understand the appeal but it entertains them. They'll sit in it quite happily off and on for quite some time!

ride bikes in the house!

8) obstacle courses: lay down a blanket, a mini-trampoline, another blanket, several pillows 2 by 2 for a total of 6 pillows, and a few balls...They have to crawl across the first blanket, jump on the trampoline 10 times, crawl UNDER the second blanket, roll across the bumpy pillows (as best they can) and then roll a ball across the room (and bring it back). This only requires some directing and counting and fixing the obstacle course is optional.

9) Couch Jumping: a favorite past time of Roo's. Involves SEVERAL pillows (and cushiony blankets) piled thickly in front of the couch...No jumping ON the couch is our rule, only off and you have to take turns.

10) movie theater: pop corn, pillows blankets and a good movie with the lights dim...If you have the energy and your kids are old enough rig up some tickets and a pop corn table and monopoly money SO fun.

(I am not liable for any mishaps or injuries resulting from these ideas...Just saying! Use your own discretion if they would work for your household! ;0)

And if you're just having a really bad day where you got ZERO accomplished...Pull out the video camera. It really is cathartic to see how bad it gets when you don't do anything at all. Really, it is!

Here's my documentation:

carseat sitting in the livingroom because hubby went to pick up compost at the local center today.
And I won't even show the "clean video" I made last week after I worked all morning rearranging the house. :0D

And just because she's so cute...She wanted her hair in a "pout" (whale spout) yesterday:

Happy Friday!

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  1. Too funny--I think I've done 4-10 all in these past couple of weeks! (Tells you what the weather has been like here...) Obstacle courses are my absolute favorite for those days when the boys REALLY need to work out some energy but it's REALLY too cold/rainy/etc. to play outside.


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