Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Baltic Amber...It's come to that!

Friendly has been a MESS lately. Just a mess. I've been throwing around the idea of buying an amber teething necklace since Roo was teething...I kept putting it off. I don't really know why I haven't done it until now. Some of it is that, any amount of extra money is a lot to us right now. And the other is just, ordering things online overwhelms me. I know it's weird.

But some thing has got to give. Seriously. It's not even that she's sleeping horribly, I can deal with that. It is the mind numbing whiney fussy, pull-out-your-hair crankiness all day long. She's cutting 4 molars at the moment and she's misery itself. I remember Roo went through this when Friendly was born (same age), I know a lot of it is the age. It's a HARD age. But if it will help bring a little less fuss, and a little more peace to our home...I'll pay any thing!

But I won't have to pay that much thanks to this promotion from Inspired by Finn ! They are offering 15% off if you use the code POST at check out.

So check them out! And I'll let you know if the Amber works... I am hopeful. I know a lot of people who've found it helped, here's hoping it works for us!


Oh and I found their section on "Overwhelmed by choices?" VERY helpful check that out as well!

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