Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas Part 2

The girls and I went over to the local fabric store that has a GIANT $1 table. We got all the fabric and elastic (I already have needles and thread) we'll need for our Dress Up Box...I am So excited to get working on this project. DH is off for the next week so I hope to get it all done.

I got material to make 6 skirts (2 of each in toddler and child-sized), 4-6 scarves, 2 princess dresses, 2 aprons, and 2 super hero capes, and a bunch of other stuff for $12.75


My camera is broken so I haven't been able to post pictures on my craftiejoy site...or here. hopefully when all is done and I'm ready to wrap I can some how take a few pictures!

Christmas is coming.

My goal? To do Christmas for under $50, it really is looking like a possibility! I really would like to keep Christmas gifts always to very basic- "I made it for you" kind of things...Between us all. Birthdays are when they can get the really cool toy they've been wanting.

Off to help get 2 sleepy girls all jammied up.

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