Thursday, November 11, 2010

Christmas is Coming...

I'm getting so excited for the holidays! Money is tight this year (isn't it every year?) so I decided our gift to the girls this year would be a dress up box.

My list for the box includes:
2 tutus (already made from a few years ago)
2 princess dresses
2 aprons
2 sets of high heeled shoes (good will or dollar store)
floppy hats (if can find at good will)
2 super hero capes (super excited to make these! and I know Roo is going to go crazy for them)
2 a fire engine hats (dollar store)
leg warmers (have)
2 purses (have already- they are sweet little girly things I've picked up at consignment sales)
maybe some pretty fancy scarves- we'll see scarves are really hot right now.
Also checking out the local toy stores ASAP to see if they have any fun head bands with animal ears for REALLY inexpensive...Otherwise I'll be attempting my own.

The great thing about this gift is that I can keep adding to it every year = keep the cost down for Christmas (not that the won't get other kinds of gifts but not many!)

Today I plan on heading to the fabric store to check out the $1/yd area to see if I can find some fancy fabric for cheap...I'd like to be able to make the dresses for under $7 (for fabric, elastic and Velcro). I need to get cracking on these sewing projects if I'm going to have every thing made for Christmas.

I would love to find an actual TRUNK for the stuff, but I think I'm going to have to settle for a cheap $4 plastic storage tub this year... I'll check freecycle, but I doubt I'll find anything. Maybe that will be a big gift next year or for Friendly's birthday next August.

I am especially excited about this gift because I can wrap each little piece of the dress up box (well with in reason, some of it's just going to be in the bottom of the dress up box which will have a bow on it.) individually and so the girls will have lots of presents to open.

Time to get cracking!

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