Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Finding Joy...Continued

"Life is what happens when your busy making plans..."

Sitting on the floor with a sleeping baby in my arms. Typing with one hand, holding a jump rope (under sleeping baby) in the other. Roo is at the other end"jumping rope". Which is just jumping in place while swinging the rope (away from her) and chanting the rhymes she knows. Elmo is singing on the TV in the background. My right leg, left arm, and rear end are fast asleep.

This is life.

I've been pondering the different seasons of my life lately. But mainly the last 5 years and the next...five, ten? Pondering how miserable somethings have been. And it's hitting me, this is life. It's short. I'll be 26 next month, my 20's will really truly be closer to over, than not.

Roo is now snuggling on my other leg looking through a small album that has pictures from our wedding...Friendlys birth..."Say cheese Mommie, you're dancing with Daddy at da wedding!" Elmo is going on and on about Birthdays...How fitting. Friendly just woke up and is now pointing at the pictures "dis" in her high squeaky "look at this" voice. Roo is going "a-huh, dats you when you were borned."

This is life. I wish I had some earth shattering revelation, some thing to say that would just ...just be earth shattering.

But 75% of my body is starting to wake up (oooh the tingles) and Elmo has ended his annoying songs... Time to round up the library books, change Friendlys diaper, put on shoes and hats and go out for a "mommie date".

This is life.

Roo is pinning Friendly down in a little too tight of a hug. Time to run, if my legs'll wake up!!

This is life.

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