Monday, October 25, 2010


I'm really thankful for blogging. I am INFJ (scroll down about half way, and read the thing written by M.M. Heiss . After reading that DH said, "it's like some one cracked your brain open and wrote it out for every one to see!"EERIE!). I'm actually a pretty private person. I like to think no one really reads this. And yet another part of me hopes people are, because it makes me feel "heard".

That said, I think we've come to the conclusion that while the extra money would be helpful in us feeling like we're getting closer to our goals. The stress on our family at this point, wouldn't be worth the extra money. I some times feel so guilty because we aren't more "practical". We don't do things like other people, we're kinda odd balls. Some of that is God's hand of grace making things kinda odd for us (in a good way?). Anyway as I was praying about every thing more last night I heard that small voice saying ,"I haven't called you to be practical, I've called you to follow me, no matter how that looks." And I really have a peace about that.

But I still am looking at those questions. Winter is coming, last winter was so hard. I really need to address some things that I can change.

I also want to start posting the crafts Roo and I have been doing together, love it! Today we made macaroni faces on paper plates, with googly eyes, pom poms and ...uncooked elbow pasta. We made pom pom caterpillars and we used washable makers and decorated a pumpkin, took a picture and then wiped it off and decorated it some more. So FUN! That will make winter easier: CRAFTS!

Well more later... It's getting late.


  1. i love your new header picture!! the hats are great ;o) did you make them? nak

  2. Thanks! Me too! I'm a novice knitter (just learned in the last month! :0). Soo No, I didn't make them, my Mom did. They are my favorite hats ever. I hope to learn how to make cool stuff like that some day...

  3. We did that with the pumpkin on Sunday! Max LOVED it!


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