Sunday, October 24, 2010

Priorities...Facing What I Can Change

So after my tantrum earlier, I ran around the house and cleaned it top to bottom. Ryan had taken the kids to the park and after venting my feelings I got to enjoy some uninterrupted cleaning. Really quite a special thing! The 1st floor is clean and vacuumed, the playroom is cleaned and tidy.

As I cleaned I had this question rolling around in my head, what can I really change? If Ryan takes on extra hours at work, what can I really do to remain sane? To make life simpler? To feel more in control and less loopy? To feel rested (as much as possible)? What do I need to do? What areas of my life and work do I need to address? What can I REALLY change? What is my biggest struggle? What do I really dislike about being with my children? Why is it so stressful? Is there any thing I can change? What attitudes and expectations do I need to address?

I have a lot of thinking to do. But a few things came to mind of physical things that I CAN organizes better to make life feel less cluttered and stressful.

Laundry and shoes.
I need to invest in a real laundry system, like a real hamper. One of those canvas ones with lights and darks, when they get full take it down and dump it in the washer and carry it back up.

I need another dry bag...Maybe a door knob one for diapers in the bedroom.

I need a shoe organizer- like a big one that hangs on a door. Shoes are EVERY WHERE and they are always getting taken out of the container I keep them in and being carried all over the place (Thank you Friendly!)

I need another closet. We have a very small closet for all 4 people and it's about 18inches(no exaggeration) deep and 5 feet long, SOOO impractical. I can't do any thing about this right now. But I think I do need to take more of the girls clothing (and mine for that matter) and pack up the stuff Roo's out grown and I've under-grown a lot of stuff and I need to just pack it all up and put it with the other seasonal stuff...I think that will cut down on clothing clutter.

There is more but hubby wants to show me a video and needs the computer...More later!

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