Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Diving in!

Last night DH and I met with our pastor, his wife, and the other member on the "Children's Ministry" board. We were up VERY late (yawwwn) talking it all out. It was confirmed over and over in our conversations last night that God was really over this. We kept sharing what was on our heart, and they kept going "Oh we were praying about that in our August Children's Ministry Prayer meeting!" (they met and spent a whole afternoon in prayer about the future of the children's ministry).

We'll be working with another couple taking over the "pre-readers" class. It's going to be different from any Sunday school class I've ever seen. It will be ACTIVE. Our focus will mainly teaching the basics: relationship with God. How to pray and praise and worship in ways that are truly unique to little children- actively! Dancing and maybe little flags. I'm really excited to see how this branches out into the families. That's where my heart is, improving how parents and their children interact, relate, and enjoy each other.

NAKing- too hard to type ..more later!

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