Friday, August 20, 2010


I am a lactivist, I admit it. I have to hold myself back from accost new Moms about breastfeeding when I hear they are expecting. I try to be discreet in my passion for breastfeeding. I've learned to mellow out a bit. But almost every thing on this list describes me...I can't count how many dates Ryan and I have been on when it was a huge subject of conversation, I really am that obsessed. I love breasts, I love how they were intended and designed to work... I really think I might become certified at some point to teach breastfeeding classes or some thing. At some point maybe I will become a Le Leche League Leader. I am passionate about helping new Mom's postpartum, and beyond. I don't want them ever to go through what I went through with my first baby.

Read it and chuckle, if you know me in person (or even in some online forums where I've been MORE than vocal ;0) you will laugh at me.

oh my gosh i'm a lactivist!

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