Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Victory?

Riley was drinking from her sippie. She was in a really rambuncitous mood, kinda wild and ready for some supper...She came over to me with her mouth full of water and squirted it all over my lap.

Instead of getting angry I found myself cracking up. A new trick! Yes, my little odd ball at 2.5 years old has never done any thing like that before (well since she was like 6mos old), she's far too tidy.

So I said "It doesn't go on the floor, it's dirty!" I marched her into the bathroom and said, "That's a cool trick: Here's the sink spit into that!! " She stood there for 5 or so minutes filling her mouth and spitting away. It was adorable.

I think my intial response a year ago would have been to be appalled that my "big" toddler would do some thing so gross.

Just patting myself on the back because I assure you, there have been far more not as pretty moments the past week.

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