Sunday, June 13, 2010

Blast To The Past...

Be Jealous:

Or not.

But I'm excited!! Yes, very much "dating myself" with this post. I'm an 80's baby. This was a big deal in my little world. My brother had one and I thought it was the coolest thing ever when I was 3. I have fond memories of making recordings of ourselves, and my brother (oddly enough) using it as a step stool when he brushed his teeth. Also listening to Raffi (when he'd let me play my music on it), making recordings and listening to Patch the Pirate: extra crackly because it was recordings my parents took off our old records (remember those large black disks?). They recorded them on to cassettes because our record player was dying (or going out or some thing). My parents, very forward thinking like that.

And very techy. My Dad bought his first CD player in 1990ish it was MAASIVE (like 2ft by 2 ft and 6 inches high big!).
His first CD(s) was John Denver's Greatest Hits 1&2 (ooh nostalgia! Still listen to that collection on sunny days with the windows and the wind blowing in "Hey, it's great to be back hooome agaaaain. Some times this old farm feels like a long lost friiiend, hey it's good to be back home again..") and the second CD (if I recall correctly) was Sleep Sound In Jesus (which is still a classic and I have a copy of it my Dad wrote on for me when I left home at 18)... It should be part of every parents lullaby collection, seriously!

Oh okay back on track. Why am I excited about this old school Fisher Price tape player all of a sudden? Because I FOUND for $.075 at a local flea market!!! And it (apparently) WORKS!!!! My dream come true. No seriously, I feel like a little piece of my childhood was filled in some how. I always wanted my own little tape player. Pathetic? Just a little.

So this week you'll find me listening to Raffi and some old tapes I made in middle school of songs recorded off the radio...Rockin (cuz we can) and dancin to some good old "Butterfly Kisses" (because I'm sure it's on there some where), and old "Delilah" shows I probably recorded late into the nights when I was 10... Yes well, we all have our guilty pleasures.