Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kegals Not Necessary Afterall?

Pelvic Floor Party: Kegals NOT invited

WOW! Why isn't this discussed at the OBGYN's why is no one talking about this??? AWESOME Advice and it makes so much more sense.

Oh and here's the follow up article on it: You Don't Know Squat

I want to add that though squatting while pregnant is AWESOME. It will help during labor and make delivery easier (having every thing toned yet flexible down there can't hurt!)...A word of caution: Deep squatting after 36 weeks is not recommended unless you KNOW that your baby is in a good position for birth (head down and anterior or left occiput transverse/anterior are ideal). Deep squats can cause baby to engage (head or other end drop down into pelvis)...Good if you're wanting to bring on some effacement, bad if baby's head is at a funny angle or laying in a not-as-ideal position in the womb. I did a few squats late in pregnancy with both pregnancies (dont' ask me what I was thinking) both times my babies dropped.

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  1. This info NEEDS to be out there!! I stopped kegals 2 babies ago (after baby #4). I had a very hard natural birth and my pelvic organs were a MESS. I got the video First Aid for Prolapse by Christine Kent. It helped 100%. I am 32 weeks pregnant with baby #6 and I am GREAT. No issues at all and I have not kegaled in years!! I would be interested in hearing how the two videos compare...


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