Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Oh Nostalgia!!

My computers messed up so I've been using hubby's. I found these belly pics from Riley (my first). Oh that smooth ripe tummy...I was about 30 weeks when these pics were taken. I didn't get a single stretch mark until she had a big growth spurt around 34 weeks and BAM quite a few. :0( Ah well.

And this was 32 weeks...

And this was 35 weeks... Can't really see the stretch marks, I felt like they were sooo noticable: they weren't any thing compared to my second who 1) I gained more weight with 2) baby was a pound bigger and 3) I carried very differently (she laid in a way that stretched harder on the top of my belly than the front).

Ah that makes me so sad. I don't think there is any thing as cute as a first baby belly. I felt like my belly was just recovering from having Riley. The stretch marks were fading, my stomach was flat-ish, or as flat as it can BE after a c/s...And then I got pregnant again. It's Okay Amity, I forgive you... You girls some fun things to my tummy (wont' mention the breasts...) but you were both worth it...And future babies will be to. Just some thing I was thinking about.
Has anyone ever noticed how pregnant bellies look like fruit? They really do to me! Like a giant ripe squash ready to harvest.

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