Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunscreen is evil after all!

aha! I have only used sunscreen on my kids 3 times- we stay out of the sun (or just in 15-25 min at a time) and stick to the shade... My intuition has been screaming "GROSS, ICK BAAAAD!!!" whenever I have put sunscreen on them, I just hate it. It has felt so very wrong and so even though medical professionals would say I was dooming them to cancer later in life I would avoid using sunscreen whenever possible. And once again my instincts have served me well. I was right.
Many Sunscreens May Accelerate Cancer

There are a few SAFE(er) sunscreens, some one on the peaceful parenting page recommended the Badger Brand This article clinches it, we'll be skipping sunscreen from here on out unless we're spending a day at the beach we'll just stick to keeping in the shade. Also investing in some good coconut oil, as that's been shown to be a good natural sunscreen (though still limit sun exposure!!)

The older I get, the more I realize


Ah well.

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