Monday, May 24, 2010

Hitting Breakthroughs

What I would give for a moment to write with out some one pressed against me, running fingers through my hair (or just grabbing). Or pinching tiny pieces of skin wherever it's available (a favorite place of Amity's is the back of my arm OUCH!). Or if they aren't doing that, clawing at each other. Amity wants to do every thing Riley is doing. This morning Riley was riding the giraffe and Amity wanted to as well. It got ugly for a moment, Amity would NOT be distracted away from it- she wanted a turn! Eventually Ri got down and I set Amity up there she sat there for a few minutes giggling and having a blast. She's growing up and BOY is she determined, she is going to get far in life with that streak of stubbornness!!!

We did have a bit of a break through this morning. Riley was about to hit Amity and she looked at me first to see what I'd do. I said "Wait Riley! I see you're frustrated!! How bout hitting the couch. There ya go! Hit it really really really really hard!" She started giggling while she hit it. And then I said "You could also hit the giraffe, but you must touch people gently." She said "No, I don't hit the giraffe, I want to pet him gentle."

This was a breakthrough for us, I have been working on the "hit this instead" tactic for MONTHS and she finally tried it and found it helpful. She is really GETTING that hitting her sister isn't okay. Does it mean she will never do it? no. But she understand and is starting to realize there are things she can do if I can catch her and help her use those tools before she does what comes naturally to her (for now). Hopefully the alternatives will come naturally...eventually.

I'm trying to find the motivation to 1)exercise 2) write a to do list for the week. Not even clean just write a stinken list. It doesn't help that every time I start the girls try to steal my pen- very much slows me down need to do it at a table/kitchen counter.

I'm feeling tired and a bit disgusted with some things. Just "whatever". This morning I went into the laundry room to put the diapers in the dryer. My brother must have needed to do laundry in the middle of the night because the diapers were sitting on a (thankfully) clean towel on top of the hamper in front of the washer. Then, but where is the clean laundry I had in the dryer? ... Nope not on top of the counters where the other clean laundry goes. But UNDER the diapers on TOP of the dirty laundry that was in the HAMPER in front of the washer. I could see how filthy bibs and stained clothing could be confusing!!!!!!

I'm not sure whats clean and what's dirty because it all smells funny. :0(


Okay baby melting down at my knee some one needs a nap. I hope this other top tooth cuts through soon she is miserable.

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