Saturday, April 3, 2010


Taking a few minutes to reflect.

Today was better. I got a really good nap and I got the kitchen caught up and all the winter clothes switched out for the spring stuff and all the stuff that will fit the girls next fall all figured out and in a storage tub ready to be easily pulled out come September. I also went through my dresser and pulled out all my maternity stuff, old bras that were pre-breastfeeding nad don't fit, maternity underwear, winter socks, winter heavy clothing...All packed up for next winter or next baby. THAT was a huge job and I'm so thankful it's taken care of.

Riley was so sweet at in the yard today. We had a REALLY rough night with both girls last night. I can't count how many times Ami woke up to fuss and nurse or fuss and not nurse...And Riley woke up a lot between bedtime and 1am and then at 1 she was up for over an hour. Ryan was so out of it I was doing a lot of the night time stuff with Ri. She has suddenly realized she can use the potty at night as well as during the day. While this is good (she is dry reliably 24/7) its frustrating. Last night the room was SUPER hot and we could all barely breath it was so stuffy. Ryan turned the A/C fan on around 1am but it was still so warm outside that it wasnt' doing much (but to turn on the actual AC in the beginnign of April seemed a bit rediculous!). Riley kept waking and saying she needed to go potty...And then she'd doze back off. Once I was finished nursing AJ I got up with Ri and took her to the potty- poor thing was SO hot in her fleece sleeper. I got her an oversized T-Shirt (youth small it comes to her knees!) nad some fleece pants and got her cooled off and tucked in bed...She slept better after that...But Ryan and I were both so hot and awake that we came downstairs and had snacks and watched TV for a while to get sleepy again.

Fast forward to this morning...RIley's out in the yard in her PJ's big oversized T-shirt and fleece pants wearing her crocs from last summer. SO cute! She had that outfit covered in dirt by 4pm I had to change her just so she could be in the house with out getting every thing else dirty.

I'm rambling. All that to say I'm feeling a little better about life after having gotten a serious nap (especially after that horrific night!) and all that I accomplished around the house. And I also started training for my 5k. I ran two 12 minute miles...Not great but for my first time out (and I realized today it was my first time out for a walk/run with out the kids EVER in 27 mos!!!!!!) I think I did pretty good...I really could have run more (I ran one block walked the next and then repeated for 2 miles) but I didn't want to over do it and hurt tomorrow.

Well Ryan's done getting ready for bed..I'm going to hang out iwth him until we both crash.

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