Thursday, March 25, 2010

Putting My Foot Down

I've been so sleep deprived the last few weeks that I've gotten kinda lazy- or more just haven't had the energy to care about how much TV or whatever Riley was doing... She was happy and out of my hair and that's all I cared about.

But if I hear the theme song of Max and Ruby again I'm going to rip out my hair. That and I just need to buckle down and get back to more structure in our day.

So this morning she got to watch ONE episode of Max and Ruby and we turned the TV off and went and read books for 35minutes... And then she was absolutely inconsolable because I was nursing the baby and she wanted ME, so we went downstairs and I gave her the choice of Super Why or Sesame Street- she choose Sesame Street (with much tears that she wanted Max and Ruby)- so she gets to watch this while I exercise...And then we're going to head out and run errands until lunch/nap. So with that said, our new rules are

One episode of Max and Ruby in the morning (ends up being about 17min the episodes are all commercials which we fast forward through) reading time and then she can watch some thing educational while I work out and then I get ready for the day...I really intend to stick to this- it's just so hard after a bad night I just want to zone out on the computer while Amity nurses but the good weather is coming and having a structured morning will mean we have more playtime outside...right?

Okay getting off so I have TIME to squeeze in my work out!

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