Monday, March 22, 2010

Life's Sound Track

Life has a sound track...It's been different at every stage, but when you hear one of the songs from certain times it brings the feelings flooding back.

I've talked about this before...But as I was putting my babies down for their naps singing our old favorites, it hit me again.

I will always feel joy and deep sadness when I hear Puff the Magic Dragon (one of Riley's all time favorite books) or Oh I'd Like to Visit the Moon. I will never ever forget singing these songs while holding my two week old baby girl. I sat perched at the edge of my toddlers bed- rocking and nursing my newborn while simultaneously patting my toddlers back as she fell asleep.

Today I sat by my toddlers bed, big baby already nestled in her bed asleep- and sang for Riley those songs.

I wish babies didn't have to grow up so fast. I personally find myself scratching my head over people who can't wait for their kids to put themselves to sleep- and to push it to happen as soon as possible. I'm going to miss this season so badly- I hope they wait until they're 12 to go to bed alone...At this moment I don't want them to ever be too old to be sung to sleep.


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