Monday, March 22, 2010

Me Eiether!

Ugh I hate how I don't feel like blogging for a while and then every thing piles up and I have all these thoughts I need to process.

I found this blog on GCM: I Don't Want My Children To Be Happy

My Thoughts..
I found this line of thought beautiful! TRUTH!
In the USA we live in a society that has forgotten what this country was founded on. So many expect every one to do things for us, that life should be easy. We are only happy when we're taken care of and bla bla bla. It's a lie. This country was built on people who made huge sacrifices, they worked hard and were self educated. We believe the lie the only way to have a good life and be happy is to go to college, have a good career and raise good strong American kids who think like very one else and go on to graduate high school, dive into college and have good careers. Now I'm not saying any of those things are wrong...We're all called to different things.

But what does the Bible really say life is about? As Christians, isn't our job as the salt and light of the earth: to do what God calls us as individuals - maybe that means being a little (or a lot!) different. Not in a "we're better than you" kind of way- but living life with a passion for truth- a passion for what God has put on OUR heart. To think outside the box and ask HIM- that's where happiness (more over contentment) is.

So in earthly day to day terms- for some, that does mean college- and if that's what God wants for my children HE will provide for them. Perhaps He will us as their parents to help. But also there are lessons- there comes a point where a young adult needs to decide "this is what I'm supposed to do" and they need to do their best to make that happen and trust the Lord for the rest.

All this to say, we're not planning our family, we have a number we'd like to have at least (4) but we're open to less, or a lot more. If God sends them- He'll provide. At 25, I really can't imagine saying "I'm done" when it comes to having kids. I guess, I hope, down the road we'll hit a point and we'll know we're done.
So yes, we have kids, and I'm sorry babies- we won't be able to make you happy if those are the things you really want in life. Our family may not look "successful" in most peoples eyes, we're poor as dirt at the moment- we don't have much savings in our bank account, and neither of us have degrees. But we love to learn, and we're always learning. We are self-educated pretty well informed and passionate people. We love the Lord and the things He has put on our hearts and we are excited about where He is going to take us in life. Isn't that really what is important in life? What will a college degree and a nice house get us when we our standing before God at our lives end?? We'd rather be dirt poor, love our children, trust Gods provision, and enjoy the journey (with all its bumps) together.

I do want to point out that the college degree- not evil. The nice house and cars- not evil. But if they are our goal in life??

Still chewing on this...

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