Friday, March 12, 2010

New URL and made some changes!

When Ryan is kissing us all goodbye in the morning he goes to Riley and says, "I Love you Riley Joy, have a good day!" and then Amity Joy...And then I get the last kiss, "I Love you Mommie Joy."
He's been doing it for a while now... The Joy Thing has become such a funny thing in our family. We decided to give our daughters my middle name "Joy" as a way to honor my Dad (passed away 2/22/06) who loved my middle name and said over and over in my growing up years "Hannah Joy, we named you right!"
But we have so many Joy's in the house that Ryan is getting nicknamed "Ryan Joy" at work because all of his family stories have so many "joy" words (we call Riley Joy - RILEY JOY when we talk about her quite often because the name "Riley" can be a boys name and it's confusing to people around us for some reason ergh)...Anyway funny background story.
In other news I've made some changes to help with my sanity. When I'm on my computer I am usually reading articles on parenting or some activismy thing or another (either breastfeeding or childbirth :0)- I need to concentrate so I can hurry and read things up and process my thoughts and get off the computer. There is nothing more annoying to me as children clawing and pawing at me when I'm trying to concentrate... I was spending more time on the comptuer than I wanted to and it was always frustrating. So this morning I cleaned up the playroom, I reorganized some stuff and this is what I came up with:
My sewing table is now officially my computer desk- I can concentrate and focus and be done with it!

Amity can be gated in the playroom area and Riley can play in there too or watch TV- I'm quite excited to have this organized so nicely.
(Oh and Ryan she hasn't been watching TV all morning [it's 10 a.m.] We had the TV off most of the morning so far she played on the slides and played house with her babies for a LONG time while I cleaned and Amity rode around on my back- just to clarify :0)
Anyway, I think this will really help some of my stress level- I can be on the computer and concentrate becuase I'm sitting at a desk. Also Amity kept getting at my laptop corder- all cords are now safely hidden behind the couch. :0)

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