Monday, December 7, 2009

Why I Get Discouraged Sometimes...

I came down to the kitchen this morning and saw this:

All dirty filthy dishes.
After and 1.5 of work later I got it to this:

The sink is still full of stuff soaking and stuff on the left half for SAM to wash (becuase they are his and I'm not cleaning for him- I'm done with that).

This is a bit of a vent post (obviously). I have been doing SO well with keeping up with the house work. Saturday I had the kitchen caught up- a couple of plates and sippies soaking in the basin.
I took yesterday off and THAT (see pic one and two) is what happens . It is so discouraging. I am so thankful to be living with my Mom, it's wonderful on a lot of levels. But it is also so frustrating- she makes messes I would NOT. We have very different ways of doing things.
For example: she cooked 3 dishes (I helped with one, peeled 8 apples for a german apple cake) for a church potluck last night. the 3 meals used several differnt things for cookware- all but one (she did wash a frying pan) were left to ME to clean up. Where as in my stage of life, raising little babies I would have made a croc pot meal: ONE thing to get messy ONE thing to clean up.
But since it was her way and not mine, it made more work for me...A LOT of work. What usually takes 15-25 minutes to do my kitchen work in the morning took me an hour and a half.
And the other frustrating thing about living with family: people who aren't the soul parenting person don't think about things. Today I found her ipod, scissors, and windex on the dinning room table... 1) expensive and breakable 2) dangerious 3) deadly
There is more but Amity is really wanting to nurse and she won't do it unless I lay down with her, she's in a picky and distractable stage. More venting later.

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