Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Teaching Children Respect

You hear "model the behavior you want" but this puts it very clearly and I found it very interesting.

Teaching Children Respect Article

Along this line I'm worrying about Riley a little bit. She is very very sensitive and she has started to get embarressed when around a lot of adults and they laugh at some thing cute she does. I need to think through more of what I'm trying to say here...But it niggles at me. She is really really cute and does things that crack us up.

Example: last weekend my brother was over and Riley got all shy and turned and went to smash her face into the couch cushion but instead smashed it into her "laptop"which was sitting on the couch. SHe got som embarressed nad I felt bad, but had a hard time not laughing. Maybe I'm dragging my own issues into this? My Mom and oldest brother were the ones who were always laughing the hardest at things they thought I did that were funny, but that was very hurtful to me. Maybe I should teach her to speak up when some thing hurts her? "I feel embarressed, please don't laugh at me?!?" Hmm...

More on this later, I need to think about it more. Now, I have chores and then Riley asked to play starfall or "nax" so that's waht we're going to do.

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