Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Article By Dr Sears

I was tempted to post this on Facebook, not because I am trying to prove some thing (to certain ppl). but because I have a few first-time Mom's on Facebook (seriously a baby boom! I have 3 friends who've had their first baby! And I can't even count how many have recently had their 2nd or 3rd!)- Christian Mom's in very mainstream surroundings...But I'm scared of the back lash. I have a few babywise mom's who would be extremely offended at this article. I don't feel like drama

Should I...?

Eh, I'll post it here and sit on it for a few days. Maybe some one will find it...

Train Up A Child In The Way He Should Go...By Dr Sears

It's from his Christian Parenting book- I'd read it before, it is obviously very against "Prepared For Parenting" classes (the ezzo classes many churches have). It is not at all a "balanced" view, but I honeslty feel it speaks the truth, it says no family is a cookie cutter and you can't go wrong with that. Maybe I'll post it on FB with that as the preface: this is great! Talks about how no family is cookie cutter and God's plan for every family differs, but His basic call is the same: follow your gut!

????? Hmm. Again, think I'll sit on it a few days.

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