Friday, November 13, 2009

To Vaccinate against H1N1...Or Not?

There is no question in my mind, NOT.
1) There is themerisol (mercury) in the vaccine. But more importantly, the FDA raised the amount that is allowed in the shots. Themerisol has been linked with many many nueralogical disorders, even death. No thank you.
2) I was poisioned on 3 occasions from a 3 round vaccination when I was 16. The first dose landed me in bed for 2 weeks with what we thought was mono (my bestfriend had it, we shared drinks all the time we assumed that was what I had too) bad body aches, feeling like crap. The 2nd dose made me sicker for about a month (again thought it was a relapse of mono- I was under a lot of stress). The 3rd dose landed me in bed for 6months with horrible body aches (like the flu), jaundice, and a swollen liver and splean it was the worst year of my life...Tons of tests (tested negative for mono) tons and tons of trips to the doctors and specialist trying to find out what was wrong with me.

My girls will not be recieiving vaccines with themrisol in it. We eat well (better than the average American), we practice good hygene, Amity is breastfed and we stay home most days of the week. And I plan on keeping us home as much as we can be this winter just to be extra safe...Our exposure level is low. I would rather the worst case scenerio be that the get H1N1 and if something went wrong I could live with it. Sickness happens, it's part of life and some times things go very wrong. I could not live with myself knowing I made the choice to inject them with some thing I knew (from experience) could cause irrivocable damage and they were killed or handicapped for life. No, no thank you!

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