Friday, November 6, 2009

House Hold Daily Schedule

I started a schedule for our house this past week. We've been doing things pretty much the same for the past year, but I lacked accountability and focus ..SO things would slip and then messes would grow, and I'd feel overwhelmed and kid(s) would get increasingly fussy with messy surroundings, and well it wasn't helping and it was a little different every day. This is a loose schedule it's more a set rhythem and accountability for how things go...The times are approx as I don't feed Amity on a schedule and some days she's hungrier and needing more time to nurse than others, some days she has a hard time napping and ...But generally she rides on my back or naps in the livingroom while Riley and I work together on cleaning and doing the things together...Washing dishes she stands on a chair at the sink and I give her a bowl of clean water and some clean spoons or 1/4c measuring cup (less water dumped out of sink- it does happen- I just put a towel on the floor) and we get time together and cleaning done and RJ has a blast!
Hopefully you can see the schedule! :0)

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