Thursday, August 20, 2009

So after my complainy/ panicky post earlier I've gotten a really good nap and some perspective.

I could focus on the lack of support- the fact that I do feel abandoned in some ways, that I am not getting quite as much rest as I had hoped I would... Or I could look at the flip side.

Amity could have come a week late and then I would have had absolutely NO help past Ryan's few days off work. My Mom would have been back at school right away and really stressed out (as she always is to some extent trying to get the new 6th graders used to the transition from elementary to middle [in a very urban inner city school]) ...I would have been all alone, THIS sore with a newborn and not quite 20 month old, all day long with no help.

Some help is better than none, I DO wish some things had been different- I REALLY wish this week had been quieter- less visitors..BUt I think that is partly the price I have to pay for sharing a home with my Mom.

And there are some things I've learned for the next baby. Ryan is absolutely no and if or buts going to need to take 2 weeks off work for the next baby. We'll have to budget for it, accept the fact that it will be a year where we'll be taking no trips to see his family, but it HAS to happen... 2 weeks with him home would make things so much easier.

More later going to relax with the hubby for a while.

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