Monday, August 24, 2009

2 Week Post Partum Visit

J came to me today, she had to be in town anyway so she swung in and checked in.

Amity has gained another 10 oz (in 5 days!!) she is now weighing in 9lbs3oz that is 9lbs 4 oz since she was born 16days ago!!! Impressive!

She checked me "down there" because I've been hurting/burning quite a bit. J said she can't see any tears (I was worried we had missed some thing- I was SO swollen after delivery) - NOPE! Still no tears, she said every thing looks great- it could be that things are just healing tighter than I'm used to and also the extra estrogen might be drying me out and irritating things. Going to be using fresh aloe to lubricate down there, I think that will really help. Also, a wonderful mama from GCM sweetly sent me some herbs for some sitz baths. I am planning on brewing up a batch for tonight and soaking for 30 minutes in the tub tonight.

So things are going well, I am feeling less sore the past couple of days, I also got some dermoplast spray- that stuff is AMAZING!!! I spray it on after a trip to the bathroom (with in reason) and it makes such a huge difference in comfort level. HIGHLY recommend it.

So here is my list of things that I plan on getting for postpartum healing next time around
  • dermoplast- it's a anesthetic numbing spray= HEAVEN!
  • herbs for sitz baths for after birth.
  • "professional" cloth sanitary pads (I took 30 minutes and made 8 or 9 pads out of old soft t-shirts, a layer of micro-terry cloth, and an outer shell of fleece to protect my underwear from getting wet- I used a Kushies flannel diaper insert for the "pattern" there are real patterns online- maybe I'll use those next time. They work great and they are so nice and soft (and no chemicals) on my sensitive stretch out skin down there).

Time to find supper, I'm hungry. STARVING all the time Amity nurses non stop these days.

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