Friday, July 17, 2009


Well today is the 2nd day in a row that RJ hasn't nursed. She definitely wants to cuddle my breast at nap time and bedtime. But has shown no interest in actually nursing. It's so sweet, I'll leave every thing out for her to cuddle with and she'll snuggle in give my breast a big juicey kiss. grin at me and say "Mommy" (which I swear means "I love you!") and snuggles in closer to fall asleep.

If this is weaning I have to say it's beautiful!! I'm not ruling out that she may want to nurse from time to time in the coming weeks- but in all honesty I am so done. I won't complain about a few days off her and there (or untill I have a new nursling!). I am so sore, and nursing while pregnant has honestly been the most challenging thing I have ever done- next to learning how to nurse in the first place. It has been painful and uncomfortable for months now and down right torture at points. I am just going to continue taking it one day at a time, enjoying these last days with just RJ...And who know what she'll do when my milk comes back? But she seems to sense the baby is coming really soon, and I wonder if she's decided to step down from her spot at my breast...Or if she's just giving me a little break? Either way, as sad as I am that our nursing days are coming to a close, I feel strangely fufilled...And relieved... And excited!!! I'm not going to change any thing, at nap and bedtime I will let her cuddle my breast untill it feels weird...But hopefully continue to do it after the baby comes- I want her to know that part of my body is for her too if she still needs it and changes her mind about weaning...Which happens in some LO's- deciding to wean is a big deal!

Cute thing she's doing this week, my belly is getting SO big that I think it's kinda coming between us when she's standing too close and looks up to tell me some thing...The past two days she has been looking up at me, and then going, "Mommy? OOH, BAAAAAABY!!!!" and reaches up to rub the baby and talk to my belly. It's like she gets shocked that my face isn't there and baby's is :0)

I'm getting really really really ready to meet this new person inside me. Emotionally I'm making a shift thinking more and more about this person, thinking about labor, processing every thing... I feel quieter some how, like my body is starting to get to the "I'm waiting on you baby" point.

Well that's all for now.

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  1. Hey, I'm new on GCM, and just noticed in your signature that you're expecting an HBAC soon. I just HBAC'd my son in April and wanted to let you know that I'll be thinking about and praying for you over the next several weeks! YOU CAN DO THIS!!! I now have a 23mo girl and a 3 mo boy. I read a few of your blog posts, and my heart is just right there with you. What your going through is so fresh in my memory that it's kind of wild to read your posts. Btw, my dd stopped nursing for several weeks during pregnancy, and is now back to 3-6x per day, and just this week started once at night as well. But, while having two can be overwhelming, her nursing isn't as painful and nerve-grating as it was when i was preggo.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you and excited for you and I've been there and you can do it, too! (I tried to pm this on GCM, but I think I'm too new or something...)



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