Friday, July 10, 2009

Home Visit

It's been a busy busy, emotional week. Jen came for the home visit on Wednesday afternoon. It went great! She brought the birth tub and Ryan and I are going to set it up some time next week to make sure it's all set and ready for the baby (make sure the inflatable tub doesn't need any patching and that it fits well in our bedroom.) we'll take it down right away- we don't need RJ trying to climb in it or throwing sharp objects into it (she loves to put things in containers right n0w).

Baby is doing well I'm measuring 37 weeks- still 2 weeks ahead and baby was actually LOP (left occiput posterior) when Jen felt around for him/her... Baby tends to stick LOA most of the time so here's hoping we can avoid any back labor with the baby, I'm on my knees leaning on my balance ball as I type this and honestly hands and knees is the only comfortable position these days I am just so so pregnant I don't think I got this pregnant with Riley, I didn't!

Baby's heart rate was 150bpm and s/he was squirming a lot during our visit. I am excited for labor to start, I am just so excited about being THERE and present for the whole thing...No drugs to totally black out hours of my life.

I've also been contracting and contracting and contracting. I actually called Jen Tuesday evening because I was having braxton hicks contractions every 2 to 3 minutes and I wanted her to be aware that my body was doing that...Now 3 days later the contractions are really really getting old, when I'm up walking around they are 2 to 3 minutes apart with some really "stop and be still" ones every 5 or so minutes- intense...When I'm resting they are only coming a few times an hour, but when I'm up and around some of them just feel like my abs, butt/tailbone and some how my ribcage is being compressed by a giant fist. Not painful, but really breath taking. :0. Definitely worse in the evening...Which makes me a little nervous- I hope it doens't mean I'm going to start serious labor at 6pm and have baby in the early morning. I am praying that labor starts in the early morning and baby is here by early to late afternoon- that would be perfect.

But I guess I don't have a say about it, do I? :0) Well just wanted to share, today is "dress like a cow" day at chick ful a I'll be sharing pictures of that for sure! :0P

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  1. I cannot leave messages on the gentle Christian mother's site. When will it be open for new members?!!!! :)

    Anyway, the authors of parenting is heart work are AWESOME!!!!!! I cannot recommend their books more. They are NOT obsessed with spanking. I am so "jealous" that you get to go to a conference! Their book Good and Angry changed my life!

    I hope your labor goes well!!!


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