Monday, July 6, 2009


So the new sleeping arrangment seems to be working out great. RJ really really seems to enjoy having her own and defined space and I love that Ryan can do so much of the night time parenting- I think I've been sleeping through the night (as much as possible at 35 weeks preggo, still getting up to pee or dislodge a foot from my lung every few hours) since we moved things around...Riley seems to LOVE to cuddle with her Daddy and he has commented that he wakes up with her against his head a lot at night. I'm so glad. I think we'll be setting up the crib in a week or two- or maybe we'll wait untill after the baby is here, hook it up after the birth??? I'm not sure, still on the fence...I want to have the bed open and available incase I some how actually give birth there. I honestly don't see that happening... I'm not set on a water birth, I want to have the water there to labor, but I don't know if I care either way if baby is BORN there... I really see baby coming out with me squatting on the floor or hehe honestly, I really see the baby being born on the toilet. It just sounds really nice to me- very clean and I think it would enable me to open every thing up more easily if I'm not worried about every one involved watching me poop, ya know? Not that that is a huge hang up but the toilet just sounds lovely. :0)

We'll see, the bathroom may be way too hot to give birth in when the time comes...
So my "36" week home visit has been moved to THIS week, Jen is in town and she's going to come by on Wednesday... That means I do need to get a bit more done in teh bedroom tomorrow and clean up in general- the house looks like a bomb exploded- ah having a toddler it is absolutley incredible how messy they are, I cannot believe it!

In other news things are really ramping up... I have been having SO many braxton hicks contractions and baby really seems to enjoy bouncing his/her head on my cervix, oiye! It feels so weird. I am hoping I go a bit early, I mean I'm not really expecting to but going early would be really nice at this point I am so so tired of being pregnant.

I cannot believe I'm 35 weeks, one more week and baby is considered "full term" and we can move foward with the home birth!!

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