Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Solution!!!

To our co-sleeping arrangments- it came to me in a flash last night and I'm really excited! I hope it works out, from what I can see it should work out well.

Here's a picture to explain:

It's obviously not to scale perfectly, and Ryan's dresser is a rectangle but it will be kitty-corner like that and I couldn't draw that unless I used a triangle. But it gives you the general idea currently our bedroom has the beds side by side taking up the entire wall coming with in a foot of the door and the heater- tight squeeze. The dressers and hopechest are on the opposite wall and my dresser is next to the heater by the A/C window sort of. Hope that makes sense. Needless to say this will be a BIG change, we've had it arranged this way since before RJ was born- yeeks!

I am hoping having RJ at the head of our bed will give us BOTH access to her (so I'm not doing all the night time parenting with her and the baby) while still maintaining her own bed area so we're not undoing the step we've taken in transitioning to her own space. She will be welcome in our bed, she can crawl in between our pillows easily and cuddle with us, but has her own room to sprawl out. Also with her bed against the wall (though with the window there I'm still planning on using one of our pretty wooden bedrails to keep her from messing with the window coverings and from rolling INTO the window.) there won't be as much worry about her falling out (though I've got her bed pretty well baby proofed at this point, the new arrangment will be better). And with my dresser at the head of her bed it will block the a/c from blowing on her and keep her comfortable, but Ryan and I will still be able to enjoy the air and stay cool!

With the crib set up sidecar there I will still be able to get out of bed easily (no more scootching down to the end of the bed!!) and I will have plenty of room to nurse, and baby will have a safe space to sleep on a firm secure mattress- but on the same level as our bed. And best of all Ryan and I will be able to share a bed and still take care of our babies! I'm quite excited. :0) All the mattresses for all 3 beds will be firmly secured together so there won't be any gaps for any one to slip into. One giant maze of a bed!

Today I am going to start cleaning up for the big re-arrangement happening first thing Friday morning (I want it out of the way!). I am also going to run to walmart and see if I can find some cute twin sheets on clearance for RJ- some one gave us a gift card and I'd like to get her some cute "big girl" sheets for the new transition...Set up her bed like a real bed with one of my old quilts from when I was little and her sheets and pillow case. :0)

I am so excited! :0)

Update: So I got started on the project, I was so excited I just decided to go for it. I moved Ryan's dersser, and my dresser, and the hope chest and vaccumed and then put RJ's bed where it's going to go... And my dersser is where it's going with this new arrangment and Ryan's dresser... And there is a path cleared for us to move our bed and set every thing up this evening when Ryan gets home from work. This is more what our room will look like (more to scale that is)

I'm excited to see how it will really look when it's all said and done, and how Riley will do with the change tonight. Tomorrow I'll finishe organizing and cleaning and then I can really really start setting things up in there for the new baby- I need to sort a lot of laundry and put all our newborn stuff in the changing table dresser and strip all the prefolds to use and we need a few more covers and then we're set. I'm really excited...But I'm sure no one would have ever been able to tell that.

Last update on this post: We got it all done! Now just to find homes for the random things that were displaced. This is what we ended up with:

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