Monday, June 29, 2009

34 Weeeeks! Preparing!

I can't believe my next midwife appointment will be the 36 week home visit! Jen is bringing the birthing tub and every thing- eek! Oh I just realized I need to order our birth kit some time in the next week whoa!

The weeks are absolutely flying. There is SO much to do before the baby arrives, the house needs a lot of work and our bedroom especially needs a major over haul and LOTS of cleaning. I'd love to paint our bedroom before we move every thing around- but I am thinking that that is one project that is just going to have to wait. The color isn't bad, it's very cozy - I love it. But it would just be nice to have it all freshly painted and rearranged. I am hoping since this weekend is a 3 day weekend we can devote some time to that project. I know Ryan has a ton of outside work he is aching to get to, but the bedroom really needs to be all set for the home visit!

I am still torn about what to do about our sleeping arrangments. Last Thursday or Friday night I tried to switch sides with Ryan- RJ slept HORRIBLY- and ever since then she's been really anxious and needing to sleep with her hands on me in some way or another. She's also been BEGGING to nurse at night- I pretend I can't feel her signing and looking for a way at me. :0.

I cuddle her close and give her drinks form her sippie- I am sooo not going down the un-night weaning road if we can avoid it!!! I will nurse RJ any time she wants after the baby's arrival, but night weaning needs to stand firm, I honestly don't feel like I can deal with that.

Anyway, I'm really torn about what to do with our sleeping arrangment. The only thing I can think of when the new baby comes is to

1) arrange our bed in such a way that the mini-crib will sidecar up to our bed and... Try for Ryan to sleep in the middle (which he hated) and RJ in her bed while I take care of the baby.

That option doesn't seem like it will pan out at this point in time.

2) Have me in the middle with the baby between Ryan and I and RJ in her bed on the other side of me.

The problem is I don't have enough room to nurse laying down with the co-sleeper in the bed with us (it sits on the mattress) and I'd be hanging off (which isn't really that comfortable into RJ's bed and ...Well It just doesn't sound like a great option to me.

3) kick Ryan out of our bed when the baby arrives- nicely of course! For the first couple of months- he'd take the twin, and I'd sleep with the babies in the queen ...I think every one would have enough room that way. RJ would be next to her Daddy and I'd be next to her but also near new baby on the other side of me on the bed topper co-sleeper thing. We may (depending how we figure out HOW to arrange the beds) still use the crib sidecarred up to our bed so that I have even more room...But then again I might just set up the crib in another part of the room to have a safe place to put the baby when I need to use the bathroom- read: out of RJ's reach! :0)

Still trying to decide all of this- but it needs to happen soon.

Anyway, I had my 34 week appointment today. My fondus is measuring in at 36 weeks- 2 weeks ahead, and Jen said the baby is a "good size" already. When she was feeling around she first said near 6lbs!!!! Then said probably closer to 5.5 but this baby definitley isn't going to be as tiny as RJ was that's for sure (she was 6lbs 15oz). She said she's not concerned that baby will get really big, and I think she mentioned that most second/subsequent babies are larger than the first and you often measure further a long too (or maybe I heard this some where else).

Baby was sleepy at the appointment, coming in at 136bpm- so funny how different the heartones have been for this baby than for RJ. I mean, obviously "different baby" but still fun to see how different!

Riley was actually really into the appointment this time, she was really interested (and not scared) by Jen taking my blood pressure (which was actually really low for me of late 116/66!hehe Jen took it twice to make sure it was correct- I've been 120's/70's since some time in my sencond trimester- I think part of it was that I was sooo relaxed on the ride up, it was the first time I felt like I knew how to get there!) and she gave baby kisses and talked to baby when J was getting the heart beat.

It was a good visit, I can't believe how fast time is flying... I asked Jen if she thought there was a chance I could go sooner- she wisely said "you never know!" - we'll see :0)

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