Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I am so hot

And not in the sexy sense. I am down right miserable, seriously I can't even explain it.

I wonder if I'll ever like being pregnant?

I have to say this time around is a lot nicer in most respects than what Iwent through with RJ. Morning sickness in the early part wasn't fun but nothing compared to the horrible horrible nausea I experienced before. Seriously gall bladder or no, the nausea with her was horrific. I honestly think my getting medication early on this time around, helped me stay out of the "hungry= barfing = more nausea from empty stomach= less ability to eat and drink= worse dehydration = more nausea = more barfing repeat cycle for 12 weeks". As long as I kept food in me this time around and took my nausea medication before things got too bad every thing was managable.

But in other respects I've gotta say that summer babies are waaay harder than winter ones. The amount of water you retain (I barely swelled with RJ...Just the last few weeks as my body prepared for delivery- but even then it wasn't any thing compared to now), the amount you sweat, the heat feels oppressive. It is just about as miserable as I invisioned it might be, just about and I still have several weeks to go.

At this point I feel like crawling into a hole untill the baby arrives.

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