Thursday, June 11, 2009

Non-Parents ergh.

People who don't have kids take sleep so for granted!!!!!!! Can't blame their ignorance but REALLY. This is so silly and I'm not really "angry" just ...well yes I'll say it, jealous. My cousins wife just wrote in her facebook status update, "12 straight hours of sleep and I'm still SOOO tired."

I can't remember the last time I slept 12 straight hours. Probably over 2 years ago, maaaaybe when I was pregnant with Riley but I really can't be sure. Scratch that I can't remember the last time I slept 4 straight hours (probably some time before the start of my 3rd trimester with RJ).

Even though Riley is sleeping through the night fairly regularly, I am still up with in 2 or 3 hours of going down myself to use the bathroom. And many nights I'm up an hour or two after that helping Riley get comfortable again- and an hour or so after that I'm up to pee again.

And some nights I'm up for a LOOONG time because my toddler is cutting a new tooth and decided 30 minutes of heartrwrenching screaming is preferable to sleeping. And then *I* am up wiiiiiiide awake for 3 hours after that because it woke the baby and I now have to go drink and eat some thing and do some stretches to get the foot that is crammed up into my lungs dislodged. And in 3 months when Riley pulls a teething scream fest (no really, I feel bad for her) I will be up for 3 or 4 hours with a newborn who got way over stimulated and is making those grunty (and impossible to ignore) "I'm too awake, change me, hold me, look at me, turn some lights on!" noises and keeping every one else in the room awake.

I have a feeling next fall is going to be a LOOONG season of adjustment.

But yes, people who don't have kids yet really take simple things like sleep for granted. And Becky I'm not aiming this at you ;0) Pregnancy pretty much immediately starts training you for the newborn days- your body is not your own. Pretty much before the pregancy test is positive, you are waking up to pee every couple of hours. As your belly grows you back starts to hurt more which makes it harder to sleep as well... Your baby starts to move like crazy in the middle of the night- shocking litle hands and head beat themselves against your cervix (OOOOW got that going on right this minute oooow!)- hiccuping into your hip bone, rubbing feet along your ribcage... All these strange and some times down right unpleasant (but exciting) sensations to keep you awake.

I've got to say not being a parent has it's drawbacks...I mean I've never gotten so excited over a smile, or so amazed at watching a little human so meticulously and carefully stack blocks one on top of the other (RJ stacked a 6 block high tower today!!! She was cute working sooo carefully).... Or thought a face covered in sweet potatoes was sooo adorable. Yes I wouldn't trade any amount of sleep for the joy of being a Mommy...But it does irk me when I read things like that- especially when I'm tired. And extra especially when I'm tired and can't nap- I tried but the baby is HURTING me right now, I am having a ton of BH (drinking a bunch of water now) and the pressure is unreal- add that to the head butting against my cervix and bladder and the hands that keep rubbing what feels like my rectum- well you get the picture it's not pleasant and I am just not in the mood to sleep.

But 12 straight hours of sleep would be lovely- I wonder how old I'll be when some thing like that happens again? Hmmm...

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  1. Sorry about the lack of sleep :( I didn't sleep so good myself last night. Woke up to an excruciating leg cramp! Oh, it was terrible! Add to that Nathan's snoring and a sore back....well, I know what you mean :) Maybe not quite as badly or for as long, but not having to get up to pee would be nice!

    love you!


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