Thursday, January 19, 2012

Still Waiting for Newby..

And waiting...and waiting... I have had several "this is it" labory days...And then fizzle. Ah, the joys of prodromal labor!

I am 40 weeks and change, and  decided to get checked: I'm 3-4CM very soft and thinning well...Baby's Occiput Anterior [OA] which means her back is running right down the middle of my belly. It turns out that my anterior placenta -which we found with the doppler yesterday so cool!- is right in the LOA position so it's hard for baby to lay right there: But Newby's head is "well applied" and s/he's sitting at 0 station (OOOUCH!)... Mama is waddling, tired, hurting and ...I have a nasty cold. Yup! This miserable prodromal labor process just got a bit ( A LOT) more miserable.

And the kiddos have the cold too, which is a mixed blessing... They are both very lethargic and still (ah, and not talking non-stop, I appreciate this) a little feverish- so TV is a great activity and they don't want to go out (which is good because there is no way I am taking them out alone right now!)... But they are also extra clingy, whiny and all the things I hate about when they get sick (read: fighting with each other and extra irrational...Example: Friendly had a ginormous meltdown because DADDY turned on a light for her instead of Mommie. sigh.).

I'm done and I'm ready. We'll see if the brownies I had last night will work...

They're just over-priced gluten free brownies from the health food store...But on the pregnancy board I'm a part of: it's a tradition for Mama's past their guess date to eat "birthing brownies" [nothing special in those either- it's just a silly tradition - and who doesn't need the excuse to eat chocolate???] and climb up on the fridge to bring on labor... Hey, I didn't create these traditions...But some times these things work! ;0)

I think I will attempt the fridge climb this evening- with DH here to spot and document. I hope this baby comes out soon. I'm very over being pregnant. I feel like I've been pregnant almost exactly a year...Insult to injury, really.

Newby, seriously Mama is DONE. COME OUT PLEEEEASE!!!!!

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