Thursday, November 3, 2011

Projects (Knitting)

Have I mentioned how much I love knitting? I do.

This is a picture of the soaker I completed last week: 

And a picture of my progress...

Newby peeking out there too. <3 

My current project...A dinosaur...
Not knitting in the round, just the only size 5 needles I own!

I hope to make a turtle and 2 "hot dog dogs" (all from this awesome book)...The girls especially requested the dogs for Christmas gifts...Need to finish up this dino (my practice at making toys) and then we'll attempt the Polka dot stripey dog. *I* want the turtle...But I think it will be Newby's early Christmas gift....if I get a chance. I'm getting pretty fast but it's hard to find time where I can knit during the day...It's fun to see if I can sneak in a row here and there!

Off to knit!!

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