Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oh Joy of JOYS!!

We have a saying in our family... Let's just chalk it up to Hubs being erm, unique.... It's been going on since Roo was a baby.

Whenever we'd pull in to park, to anywhere, he'd exclaim, "We're HERE! We're HERE! OH JOY OF JOYS!!"

The girls have picked it up...The minute we turn onto our street some one always pipes up, "OH djoy of djoys!!!!!" It's a little family tradition.

I've been thinking of all the "strange" little family traditions we have created.

From "Oh Joy of JOYS!" to "private baths" The girls like to take baths with the shower curtain closed while DH stands on the toilet "raining" water down on them from a watering can (yes, we've got some quirks!).

Or how our LittleTikes picnic table is used just as much for boating expeditions (flipped upside down0 and a doctors bed (because you can push it around easily) as for EATING.

Other things like "FOLLOW DA LAWS" and "Squished Muffins"

Ah, good times...

I need to run. I'm at a coffee shop getting some MUCH needed peace and space. Too much rain in Autumn for this Mama.

In VERY Happy news...After 4+ months of being a one-vehicle family our mini-van is repaired and working: OH JOY OF JOYS!!!!

No seriously nearly 5 months home with 2 small children + morning sickness+ an extra 1.5 hours of driving on the days I took DH to work.


Speaking of Family Traditions and Autumn Rain....I can't wait for this again!!

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