Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ruts...And Creativity Overload

We've been in a bit of a rut for a LONG time. Some of it is Pregnant Mama... I was feeling so puny and tired for so many months I was just trying to keep every one...ya know, alive.

But that has past, and a weird sort of nesting energy has taken over. I want to CREATE! And Roo apparently does too, because all she wants to do is side walk chalk:

They were cracking up because Daddy made them a hopscotch and couldn't understand what was wrong with  it (incase you can't see it's the miniscule little thing between them! :0)

Friendly drawing on her tights, love it! Can you see our chalk city? It goes WAAAY down the path. If they look tired, it's because they were! This was the end of 3 hours at the park!! 
 I have been looking for some new projects, things that we can do when we're stuck indoors. I am hoping to blog about the process as we tackle them
And now I have a new "To Do" List (but the fun kind!)...And I wanted to share some things that have been inspiring me...

On my list:
Make a Light Box ... This on my list thanks to Play At Home Mom look at their awesome Light box Activity Ideas!
A "Sensory Swing"! Roo especially loves to swing, needs to swing. I have been talking about an indoor swing for year...And this winter I am determined to rig SOME thing up. With Newby on the way I need as easy-for-Mama indoor activities I can get. I need some thing that will be calming and also give them a bit of a work out.

We currently live in an apartment and so drilling holes is pretty much a no-no but I found THIS on amazon the other day and it got me thinking...When I was researching "make your own sensory swings" these bars came up: wow expensive! What's to say the amazon pull up bar wouldn't work? Going to have to think on it. Honestly, as long as my kids are the only ones on it, and the swing is low to the ground...

I did see this STRAP SWING  which might be nice. 

INDOOR SIDEWALK...I have never seen this officially... But I'd like to take a couple large cardboard boxes, cut them apart so they are easily stacked( and can slide behind furniture) get some chalkboard spray paint and some velcro...And lay them out on the floor and connect them with velcro and let the girls have at it with side walk chalk. I think this will be a Christmas present. :0)

That's it for now. The girls just woke up from nap... I think we're going to try to make some salt dough projects....Maybe it'll dry up enough to do more side walk chalk. I'll be back when I get to start some projects! 

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