Monday, August 1, 2011

Little Updates...School and Weaning

"School" has been so much fun!!! I've been loving the time reading to the girls, the focus to the mornings it gives us (they look forward to it so much!), and the the fact that the consistent routine (and their pestering to start chores so we can get to school!) has been really good for every one.

We're a couple days behind... Friday we took a "field trip" to Amish country and missed nap and had a very long busy day. Saturday we went to the duck pond and on a "nature hike" (aka a walk around the park), and in the evening went and spent time with extended family. And Sunday Hubs and I went to a beautiful wedding and the girls spend the day with Nana (Roo discovered the "slip'nslide" at Nana's church picnic. She is a huuuge fan. She went down that thing all day).

Today was a day I have spent parenting from bed. I am behind on my cleaning, and we're a couple chapters "behind" in our reading...But that's really okay, I needed today. Today to snuggle in bed with the kids, who periodically came in to snuggle with me- (can I just say I love living all on one floor: I can see into the LR from my bed and it's only a few steps to check on them) and watching Gilmore Girls to my hearts content. Only getting up to help both girls use the potty and prepare occasional snacks for them.

Oh did I mention the potty? Yes...Friendly (who will be 2 in a week from today) decided about a month ago she was done with diapers. I wasn't ready for this step, but she refused to keep them on and I got sick of it. She's picked it up really really well! She is down to mostly-accident free days and diaper free for nap time (no accidents in a few weeks on that front- fingers crossed!) and most mornings she wakes up and her first words are "I need to go potty!" and she runs off and takes care of it.

Weaning... Bittersweet as this process has been. It's also been so laid back. While I'm pretty sure my milk is completely gone (I can't express any thing which usually I can even get a little colostrum: nothing comes!) she is still occasionally nursing...She talks about "Mommie's Milk" a lot and about my "bweasts" ...She also almost immediately shifts from talking about my milk to kissing and loving on my belly. She's been talking about the new baby a lot. Some gears are definitely turning on that front.

I hate to wish the summer months away, but I'm so ready to hold this new little person inside. I'm so excited! While I actually am enjoying this pregnancy so much more than I ever have before... Every movement from the baby just makes my heart ache to hold this sweet Newby in my arms.

And I have a little almost 2 year old sitting next to me saying "I wantchu, hold me, I'm here" so off I go to snuggle my Friendly girl...Less nursing has definitely meant a much higher need for snuggling!

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